Matt Bogdanowicz, a.k.a. Maestro Matteo, is a composer/songwriter from Mississauga, Canada. His musical project is known as both 7000 and Dannenberg and he released his debut album “Detour” in early 2014. The project often features different vocalists, including his daughter, Klara K.

Self-taught, Matt started out doing hip hop and techno years ago, but his ambition now lies with creating popular music in the traditional sense; songs and compositions with distinct melodies, riffs and basslines as opposed to just hooks.

He grew up with the wistful electronic sounds of the 80s, the flamboyant dance-pop of the 90s and a lot of prog rock. He is also drawn to showtunes/vaudeville, big band and old-time, pre-Merseybeat pop. His favorite composers are Charlie Chaplin, Jean Michel Jarre, Artie Shaw and Tchaikovsky.

However, instead of attempting to emulate any particular period or style, he reimagines them, merges them or just follows his own uncharted course. The resulting sound is rich, melodic and unique.

Contact: bogdanowicz@7000music.com

Website: www.7000music.com

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